ARV Niedersachsen-Süd

Today I could kick myself for not spending a bit more time and taking more images … I was under pressure and just stopped at the Göttingen motorway station to take a leak, then snapped these four vehicles used by the Allgemeiner Rettungsverband Niedersachsen-Süd as first responders on the busy Autobahn. Thinking “there’ll be another day …”. It never came.

Anyway, these were privately owned and equipped cars the members of the Allgemeiner Rettungsverband (ARV, “General Rescue Organisation”) used in a first responder role, with the exception of the second last one (this was, as far as I can remember, a vehicle used for providing more “social” care for accident victims, hence no blue lights). An interesting mix of vehicles – from left to right they would be a Volkswagen Golf, a Volkswagen Passat, an Opel Kadett (in a two-door version, rare in emergency vehicles), and what looks like an Audi 80. Also note that not one livery is identical to the other …

Another image of the Volkswagen Golf can also be found on the official ARV Niedersachse-Süd website.

Allgemeiner Rettungsverband Niedersachsen-Süd on Call - © Bernd Biege
Allgemeiner Rettungsverband Niedersachsen-Süd on Call – © Bernd Biege

Please note that this a scan from an old 35mm slide from my archives, with resultant deterioration in colours and sharpness.

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