Focus on … the Volkswagen T3

One of the archetypal emergency vehicles (at least in Central Europe) was the Volkswagen T3 – the “boxy” version of the “Type 2” transporter. Reason enough to dedicate a special page to this iconic, versatile platform.

Because a “platform” it was, even straight off the production line Volkswagen offered a bewildering variety of configurations, with third parties adding a touch of their own. Essentially, the Volkswagen T3 was the third generation of the Type 2 (which was based on the Beetle chassis originally), marketed under names such as “Transporter” or “Caravelle” in Europe. The more angular T3 was larger and heavier than the T2, and was built in Germany between 1979 and 1990 (some vehicles from large-scale military and civilian contracts were built until 1992 in Austria, in South Africa production continued until 2002).

The T3 was available with both aircooled and watercooled engines (its predecessors were aircooled only), it was the final generation of rear-engined transporters, and it had a 4×4 version that was built by Puch in Graz (Austria).

Volkswagen T3 – Minibus Version

Volkswagen T3 – Minibus with Raised Roof

Volkswagen T3 – Standard Ambulance Version

Volkswagen T3 – Ambulance Version with Raised Roof

Volkswagen T3 – Enclosed Van Version

Volkswagen T3 – Hybrid Minibus/Van Version (Middle Side Windows)

Volkswagen T3 – Light Truck Version (Single Cab)

Volkswagen T3 – Light Truck Version (Double Cab)

Special thanks to Hans Trauner (Nürnberg) for the brainstorming – his input made the final look of the “Focus on …” series better!

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