Something New Every Day?

This is post number 125, and around 400 images of emergency vehicles have been uploaded to – that might not seem a lot, but bear in mind that images often have to be scanned, cleaned up, occasionally researched, so it is a slow process. Despite that slowness I am happy that this side project has managed to have new content every day.

Every day? actually has new content every day ... I promise! actually has new content every day … I promise!

Yes … even though you may have seen the occasional re-appearance of a file you have already seen, like the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Frankfurt am Main today. Am I cheating?

No, not really, it is just that the organisation of my old slides is, well, a bit free-flowing – and they get scanned as they come, then cleaned up for this page in random order. So while I may start with putting some images in a file, I might find further ones ready for publication at a later moment. And then add them to the file. Pushing the file to the top again.

So, yes, you get new content every day … just not a new file every day. And in the image above you even get a sneak preview of what can be expected in the near future.

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