Why 999112 as a Domain Name?

999112Thank you for asking … but I suspect you really had figured it out for yourself. If not, you must be new to the world of emergency services. Or from a country were they have different phone numbers.

Because, you see, 999112 includes three of the most important emergency telephone numbers of the world (apologies to those who don’t use them .. and yes, this is really a bit Euro-centric, I know). And you can actually see this in the handy graphic to the left:

First off we have 999, the emergency phone number in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and some Commonwealth countries.

Then there is 112, the European emergency phone number, also used outside Europe and on many cellphone networks.

And there is 911 hiding in there as well, the emergency phone number in the United States and other parts of the Americas.

And why .info? Well, for one .com was already registered by a Chinese domain mill, and then .info was very cheap as well. To be quite honest, it also fits the site, which after shall be about information, not commerce. But more of that later …

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